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How I Met Your Mother Stuff (HD, TV-PG) Robin insists that Ted get rid of his collection of gifts from old girlfriends, but she balks when asked to part with her own stash; Barney puts on a play.
How I Met Your Mother Arrivederci, Fiero (HD, TV-PG) Marshall's prized 1988 Fiero breaks down, forcing him to come to a to a decision over whether he should let her go or get her fixed up.
The King of Queens S'no Job (HD, TV-PG) Arthur spends his time filing out comment cards; Doug is asked to find work for his wayward cousin and turns to O'Boyle to help him.
The King of Queens Sight Gag (HD, TV-PG) Doug gets laser eye surgery for Carrie for her birthday but her sight ends up worse than before, ruining her birthday party at the same time.
The Carbonaro Effect That's Voodoo (HD, TV-PG) Michael shows approving mall shoppers snakes that soothe and spiders that stitch; at an art supply store, he helps a woman learn that she's a natural whittler.
The Carbonaro Effect Sets Itself, Lights Itself (HD, TV-PG) Michael checks a series of absorbing containers to see which one absorbed his credit card, and later he rattles a caterer by making a dining table set itself.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents Don't Interrupt (TV-PG) A couple and their 8-year-old son are traveling by train during a horrible snow storm when they hear news of a mental patient on the loose.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Crooked Road (TV-PG) An innocent man is pulled over by a strange police officer for speeding and a mysterious flat tire, and he is later scammed out of a large amount of money.
The Fugitive Terror at High Point (TV-PG) Hired as a construction worker, Kimble must save a handicapped young man from a vengeful crew after he's accused of sexually assaulting the supervisor's wife.
Mission: Impossible Elena (TV-G) A double agent reveals her own country's secrets and will be killed by an assassin if details cannot be uncovered in two days; Rollin must try and save Elena.

Crime Watch Daily Fast Food Mogul Murder (HD, TV-PG) Veteran reporters provide in-depth information on unsolved murder investigations, crimes caught on camera, courtroom dramas, sting operations, and more.
Crime Watch Daily (HD, TV-PG) Authories must determine whether or not a claimed accidental gun discharge was actually a murder; a woman wants justice after her sister was murdered.
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Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.

The Listener Smoke and Mirrors (TV-14) The team investigates the death of an investment guru who was killed when a magic stunt went wrong; Toby tries to keep his secret from Becker.
The Listener Game Over (TV-14) The team looks into the death of one of Dev's friends, an accomplished video game developer who was found dead on the day before his new game's release date.
Leverage The Top Hat Job (HD, TV-PG) After learning a company knowingly sold contaminated food, Nate and the team attempt to use a little magic in order to bring the company to justice.

Married ... with Children The Legend of Ironhead Haynes (TV-14) Al manages to lose his precious parking spot after insulting an overweight woman, forcing him to seek out the legendary Ironhead Haynes for advice.
Married ... with Children Assault and Batteries (TV-14) While Al becomes preoccupied with the process of changing batteries, he gets locked inside a store; Bud and Kelly celebrate the dog's birthday.
Hot in Cleveland Bye George, I Think He's Got It! (HD, TV-PG) Joy begins to have reservations after agreeing to marry her dying boyfriend; a billionaire comes to Melanie and Victoria for a makeover.
Hot in Cleveland The Gateway Friend (HD, TV-PG) After a friend from Los Angeles breaks up with her dermatologist boyfriend, the ladies decide to help the couple repair their relationship.
'Til Death Joy's Mom (HD, TV-14) Eddie attempts to ease the tension after Joy's mother comes to visit; a publisher wants to make Eddie's manuscript into a children's picture book.
'Til Death Dog Fight (HD, TV-14) Joy and Eddie experiment with role playing in order to spice up their love life; Kenny attempts to supplement his income by finding lost dogs.

« 3 Godfathers (TV-PG, NR, ***) When three outlaws on the lamb discover a dying woman and her baby, they make a promise to bring the infant along with them to safety.
Sagebrush Trail (TV-PG, NR, **) An accused murderer on the lam from the law unknowingly teams up with the man hired to bring him to justice, but neither realize it.
Paradise Canyon (TV-PG, NR, **) A government agent goes undercover as a sharpshooter with a traveling medicine show near the Arizona-Mexico border as he hunts a ring of counterfeiters.
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