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Modern Family Bixby's Back (HD, TV-PG) Phil and Claire decide to revisit last Valentine's Day's scenario; Jay plans an elaborate surprise for Gloria; an admirer comes between Cameron and Mitchell.
Seinfeld The Pool Guy (HD, TV-PG) Jerry avoids awkward attempts at a friendship with his Pool Guy; George is worried that his worlds will collide when Elaine starts hanging out with Susan.
Seinfeld The Clip Show, Part 2 (HD, TV-PG) Elaine, George & Kramer rush Jerry in order to go to the movie, but Jerry takes out a little time to look at nine years of memories.
The Goldbergs Love is a Mix Tape (HD, TV-PG) Beverly mistakes Adam's mix tape for Dana as a gift for her; Barry's fake ID gets confiscated after he shows the card off to everyone at school.
The Goldbergs Graduation Day (HD, TV-PG) Erica is excited to leave home after graduation, but she comes to realize Beverly's love means a great deal to her; Barry's plans with Lainey fall through.
How I Met Your Mother Trilogy Time (HD, TV-14) Ted, Marshall and Barney embark on another "trilogy time," a tradition in which they get together every three years just to watch the "Star Wars" trilogy.

Perry Mason The Case of the Promoter's Pillbox (TV-PG) When a producer steals a screenwriter's work as his own, he is murdered, and witnesses report seeing the screenwriter fleeing the scene of the crime.
The Twilight Zone Walking Distance (TV-PG) A successful businessman takes a walk through his childhood hometown and is amazed when everything and everyone appear exactly as they did when he was a child.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Big Switch (TV-PG) A young man desperately wants his girlfriend dead, so he contacts a crook who provides alibis at an expensive price, but the situation takes a wild turn.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents You Got to Have Luck (TV-PG) A crazy criminal escapes from prison and hides out at an old farm house where he forces a young woman to hide him until the police search is over.
Mannix Hardball (TV-PG) Mannix finds himself involved in a situation with six hostages when he is forced by a drug dealer and his gang to find and deliver a former gang member.

« The FBI Files Home Invaders (HD, TV-14) A convicted bank robber and his partner in crime escape from custody and commit the biggest bank heist in Wisconsin history.
The FBI Files Tracks of a Killer (HD, TV-14) The FBI conducted an international manhunt for an often-deported illegal alien who was suspected of killings near railroad tracks.
Unsolved Mysteries (HD, TV-14) A domestic terrorist and anti-abortion extremist wanted by the police is now behind bars; forensic students help solve a baffling murder.
Scandal Head Games (HD, TV-14) Fitz contemplates his post-presidency; the Gladiators seek justice for a man accused of a hate crime; Jake uncovers the source of their trouble with Peus.

Family Guy One If by Clam, Two If by Sea (HD, TV-14) When a hurricane destroys The Drunken Clam, it is bought by a British man who turns it into an English pub to the dismay of Peter and the gang.
American Dad! An Incident at Owl Creek (HD, TV-14) Stan has an accident while getting the family ready for a pool party, and he decides to move them all out of town to try and escape the shame.
American Dad! Scents and Sensei- bility (HD, TV-14) Snot and Steve enroll in a karate class, and trouble ensues when Snot is brainwashed; Klaus' foul odor has become too much, and he is forced to move outside.
The Cleveland Show Dancing With the Stools (HD, TV-14) Donna asks Cleveland Jr. to be her partner for a dance competition, but their hopes of winning miss a beat when he professes his love for Donna.
Impractical Jokers Uncool and the Gang (TV-14) The four jokers lead a team-building seminar that is not safe for work and then head out to the boardwalk to pose as caricature artists.
Live PD: Police Patrol Live PD: Police Patrol #138 (HD, TV-14) A drunk driver attempts to flee pursuers in an unsettling chase in Arizona; fugitives force officers to make use of their tasing equipment during their capture.

Sanford and Son Going Out of Business (TV-PG) Lamont gets a new job at a clothing store in an attempt to generate more cash flow, but Fred fears this may end Sanford & Son Salvage.
Good Times Florida's Favorite Passenger, Part 1 (TV-PG) Florida suspects a student may have hearing issues, but she encounters resistance from the child's mother who takes exception to Florida's concern.
Good Times Florida's Favorite Passenger, Part 2 (TV-PG) After a near fatal accident, Larry's mother finally comes to terms with his hearing problem and allows Florida to take him to the doctor to be tested.
Married ... with Children The Agony and the Extra C (TV-14) Al lures Jefferson to a strip club on his and Marcy's anniversary and in a drunken stupor, Jefferson gets a tattoo for his wife, but it's misspelled.
Married ... with Children Turning Japanese (TV-14) When the owner of Marcy's bank finds out Al has the Dodge that will complete his American car collection, Marcy will do anything to get the car from Al.
Cher Featuring Bette Midler, Elton John, and Flip Wilson (TV-PG) Bette Midler, Elton John and Flip Wilson appear.

« Wichita (TV-PG, NR, **+) The leaders of a frontier town decide their new marshal must be eliminated after he begins to assert his authority a little too much to bring order to the town.
The Badlanders (TV-14, NR, **+) After being released from the Arizona Territorial Prison, one of the men tries to go straight while the other plots revenge against those that imprisoned.
Border River (TV-14, NR, **) A Confederate Army officer attempts to purchase weapons from Mexico during the Civil War, but he soon falls for a woman that spells trouble for him.
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